NS$instance_name: Subscriptions Object

The NS$instance_name: Subscriptions object provides application-level counters. These counters monitor the subscription-related activity of an application by querying the application database. Because application-level counters query databases, these counters can run on any server that hosts an instance of Notification Services.

Counter1 Description Use

Subscriptions Added

Number of subscriptions added since the application started.

Notifications sent are often proportional to the number of subscriptions.

Use to analyze application growth.

Subscriptions Added Per Minute

Number of subscriptions added per minute.

Use to determine application growth, in terms of subscriptions, over time.

Subscriptions Disabled

Number of disabled subscriptions. Subscriptions are disabled at the API level using nscontrol disable.

Use to determine how many subscriptions cannot currently produce notifications.

Subscriptions Enabled

The total number of enabled subscriptions. Subscriptions are enabled at the API level using nscontrol enable.

Use to determine how many subscriptions currently can produce notifications.

Subscriptions counters are updated on a periodic basis using a performance monitoring thread hosted by the generator. The update period is specified by the PerformanceQueryInterval element in the application definition file (ADF).

After selecting a counter, select a counter instance. You can select All instances, which returns values for all subscriptions for all applications hosted by the instance, or you can select a subscription instance; the subscription instance name is a combination of the application name and the subscription class name, such as stock:stocksubscriptions.

Performance counter instances are available only when the instance is running.

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