Specifying Application Version and History

When you define a Notification Services application, you can provide an application version number and document the application history.

When you define an application, specify an application version number if you want to track application versions. You can choose your own numbering system. For example, you can make the version number match the Notification Services version number, or you can track application versions by using your own version numbers.

When you create and update the application, Notification Services adds the version number to the application's NSVersionInfo table in the application database. When you update the application, the version number must be the same as or higher than the last version number.

If you do not provide a version number, Notification Services uses the last version number from the NSVersionInfo table. If no version is available in the database, Notification Services enters

Version Recommendations

Whenever you update the application definition, increment the version number. Because Notification Services does not allow an update if the version number is lower than the number in the database, this can help prevent you from updating an application with an old definition.

Defining the Application Version Number

If you are defining an application using XML, specify the version number in the application definition file (ADF). If you are defining an application programmatically, use Notification Services Management Objects (NMO) for to specify the version number.

To define the application version

You might also want to track when the application definition was created and last updated. This information is for your own use. Notification Services does not use the application history and does not store this information in the application database.

If you are defining an application in an ADF, the ADF schema provides elements to track the creation date and time and the last modified date and time.

If you are defining an application programmatically, you can track the application history in comments. There are no history objects or properties.

To define application history

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