.NET Compact Framework How-To Topics 

The following list provides links to topics containing sample code and procedures for developing and using .NET Compact Framework applications. These topics demonstrate controls in the Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms namespace, creating custom controls, using interoperability, and workarounds for unsupported class members or other features. Included are topics that demonstrate managed Direct3D for devices, which use the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX and Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX.Direct3D namespaces.

How-To Topic Links

Links are categorized by their sections.

Building Applications and Core Tasks

Data Access and XML Support

Encoding and Localization

Graphics and Drawing


Message Queuing in the .NET Compact Framework

Mobile Direct3D Programming

Networking and Connectivity

Performance and Diagnostics

Pocket PC Development

Smartphone Development and the .NET Compact Framework

Windows CE Development

Windows Forms Controls

Class Library

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