How to: Start or Stop Individual Services in a Scaled-Out Instance of Notification Services (SQL Server Management Studio)

An instance of Notification Services can be scaled-out across multiple servers. The Notification Services engine runs on each server that runs a hosted event provider, generator, or distributor. Typically, the NS$instanceName Microsoft Windows service runs the Notification Services engine.

For maintenance, you may need to start or stop a Windows service on one server while leaving the others running. The following procedure shows how to start an instance's individual Windows services.

This procedure does not apply to clusters. On a cluster, you must use Cluster Administrator to restart the Generic Service that is configured to run the instance's Windows service.

  1. In Object Explorer, expand Notification Services.

  2. Right-click the instance of Notification Services you want to start, and then select Properties.

  3. In the left pane, select Windows Services.

    The right pane contains two grids. The top grid shows each server on which the instance is registered. The bottom grid shows the components that run on the selected server.

  4. For each service you want to start, select the check box in the Start column.

  5. For each service you want to stop, clear the check box in the Start column.

  6. Click OK to apply the changes.

    Notification Services attempts to connect to each server on which you are starting or stopping the NS$instanceName service and then perform the requested action. A dialog box displays the status for each service.

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