Defining Event Providers

An event provider collects event data and submits it to Notification Services. Each collected event is persisted as a single row in the event table of the application database.

An event provider can gather data from any resource you want to use, provided that you can write an application that retrieves events from the resource.

To help you get a Notification Services application developed and deployed quickly, Notification Services comes with three standard event providers for gathering events from a file, using a Transact-SQL query, and using an MDX query.

You can use the standard event providers in your application by specifying predefined names and custom operational parameters in the application definition.

If the standard event providers do not meet the needs of your application, you can develop custom event providers that are tailored to your environment and event sources. For more information, see Developing a Custom Event Provider.

Individual event providers can be either hosted or non-hosted. Notification Services runs hosted event providers. Non-hosted event providers are external applications.

If you have an application that can submit events, or you want to develop an external application to submit events, develop a custom non-hosted event provider. Otherwise use a standard or custom hosted event provider.

Topic Description

Defining Hosted Event Providers

Describes hosted event providers and explains how to determine hosted event provider properties.

Defining Non-Hosted Event Providers

Describes non-hosted event providers and what needs to be defined in the application definition.

Standard Event Providers

Documents the standard event providers included with Notification Services.

Topic Description

Developing a Custom Event Provider

Describes how to create custom hosted and non-hosted event providers.

Defining Event Classes

Describes how to define the event tables that contain the data submitted by event providers.

Notification Services Stored Procedures (Transact-SQL)

Use the NSDiagnosticEventProvider and NSEventBatchDetails stored procedures to gather information about an event provider and submitted events.

Notification Services Performance Objects

Use the Event Providers performance object to monitor event providers.

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