NS$instance_name: Vacuumer Object

The NS$instance_name: Vacuumer object provides counters for monitoring vacuumer progress for Notification Services applications by querying the application database. Because the vacuumer counters query databases, these counters can run on any server that runs the Notification Services engine.

Counter Description Use

Completed Periods

Number of scheduled vacuuming periods (or intervals) that completed successfully.

Use to determine how many vacuuming periods successfully removed data for all available quanta.

Quanta Remaining

Number of quanta considered for vacuuming at the start of the last vacuuming period, but that were not vacuumed.

A nonzero value could indicate a vacuuming backlog or that items in the batches still require processing.

Use to determine whether all the quanta scheduled for vacuuming were vacuumed.

Quanta Vacuumed

Number of quanta successfully vacuumed during the last vacuuming period.

Use to determine whether vacuuming is occurring.


Number of vacuuming periods that ended due to the time limit.

Use to determine whether vacuuming is taking longer than the allotted vacuuming period. If so, vacuuming should occur more frequently or the vacuuming period should be increased.

After selecting a counter, select a counter instance. You can select All instances, which returns values for all applications that are hosted by the instance, or you can select an application name.

Performance counter instances are available only when the instance is running.