Replication Programmability Enhancements

Replication has made programmability enhancements in the following areas:

  • Replication Management Objects (RMO)
  • Business logic handlers for merge replication

Replication Management Objects

RMO is a Microsoft .NET Framework library that provides a set of common language runtime classes for configuring, managing, and scripting replication, and for synchronizing Subscribers. The library allows programs to work on individual classes like the publication or subscription class without traversing from top-level classes. It does not cache any unrelated objects or objects that are no longer used. This allows the garbage collector to collect unused memory and improves scalability. For more information, see Programming with Replication Management Objects.

Business Logic Handlers for Merge Replication

Business logic handlers are written in managed code and allow you to execute custom business logic during merge synchronization. For example, if a sales-person enters an order from a handheld device, inventory could be checked during synchronization, and the sales person could be notified if a product was not available. For more information, see Executing Business Logic During Merge Synchronization.

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