Other Ways of Viewing the Code Window

The Code Window can be configured to display multiple code windows in several ways.

To view and manipulate multiple code windows at once

  1. On the SQL Editor toolbar, click New Query to open a second Query Editor window.

  2. To see two code windows at once, right-click the title bar of the Query Editor and select New Horizontal Tab Group. The two query windows appear in horizontal panes.

  3. Click in the upper Query Editor window to make it active, and then click New Query to open a third query window. It appears as a tab in the upper window.

  4. On the Window menu, click Move to Next Tab Group. The third window moves to the lower tab group. By using these options, you can configure the windows in a variety of ways.

  5. Close the second and third query windows.

Note Note

To view the Query Editor in full-screen mode, click anywhere in the Query Editor window, and then press SHIFT+ALT+ENTER.

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