Creating a Data Source View (Data Mining Tutorial)

A data source view provides an abstraction of the data source. This lets you modify the structure of the data to make it more relevant to your project. By using data source views, you can select the tables that relate to your particular project, establish relationships between tables, and add calculated columns and named views without modifying the original data source. For more information, see Working with Data Source Views (Analysis Services).

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click Data Source Views, and select New Data Source View.

    The Data Source View Wizard opens.

  2. On the Welcome to the Data Source View Wizard page, click Next.

  3. On the Select a Data Source page, by default the Adventure Works DW data source that you created in the last task is selected under Relational data sources. Click Next.

    If you want to create a new data source, click New Data Source to start the Data Source Wizard.

  4. On the Select Tables and Views page, select the following tables, and then click the right arrow to include them in the new data source view:

    • dbo.ProspectiveBuyer
    • dbo.vAssocSeqLineItems
    • dbo.vAssocSeqOrders
    • dbo.vTargetMail
    • dbo.vTimeSeries
  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Completing the Wizard page, by default the data source view is named Adventure Works DW. Click Finish.

    Data Source View Designer opens to display the Adventure Works DW data source view.