Management Enhancements (SSAS)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) includes the following management enhancements and new features.

Deployment Engine

Analysis Services now includes an engine for use in deploying Analysis Services projects and solutions. Earlier versions of Analysis Services worked directly with the data and metadata on an instance of Analysis Services. During the development process, you can use the deployment engine to deploy new projects to a test instance of Analysis Services; when your development is complete, you can then use the engine to deploy the projects to a production instance of Analysis Services. You can use the deployment engine to synchronize metadata between a new or updated Analysis Services project in Business Intelligence Development Studio and an existing instance of Analysis Services or to overwrite metadata from one instance to another. You can also use the deployment engine at the command prompt to provide additional flexibility when you deploy Analysis Services projects and solutions. For more information about Analysis Services deployment, see Deploying an Analysis Services Project.


Analysis Services provides increased security features, including better control over access and manipulation of data on an instance of Analysis Services, encryption for information stored in Analysis Services databases, and better monitoring tools for observing client access and requests to Analysis Services.

SQL Server Profiler Integration

Analysis Services now supports SQL Server Profiler for monitoring and capturing any events that are generated by an instance of Analysis Services. With SQL Server Profiler you can display data about captured events to the screen, or you can capture and save data about each event to a file or SQL Server table for future analysis or playback. For example, you can use SQL Server Profiler to monitor a production environment to see which Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) queries are executing too slowly and are hampering performance. For more information about SQL Server Profiler, see Introducing SQL Server Profiler.

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