Modifying the Directory Property Configuration Value

Updated: 14 April 2006

In this task, you will modify the configuration setting, stored in the SSISTutorial.dtsConfig file, for the Value property of the package-level variable User::varFolderName. The variable updates the Directory property of the Foreach Loop container. The modified value will point to the New Sample Data folder that you created in the previous task. After you modify the configuration setting and run the package, the Directory property will be updated by the variable, using the value populated from the configuration file instead of the directory value originally configured in the package.

  1. In Notepad or any other text editor, locate and open the SSISTutorial.dtsConfig configuration file that you created by using the Package Configuration Wizard in the previous task.

  2. Change the value of the ConfiguredValue element to match the path of the New Sample Data folder that you created in the previous task. Do not surround the path in quotes. If the New Sample Data folder is at the root level of your drive (for example, C:\), the value of the ConfiguredValue element is C:\New Sample Data, as shown in the following sample code:

    <?xml version="1.0"?><DTSConfiguration><DTSConfigurationHeading><DTSConfigurationFileInfo GeneratedBy="Domain\UserName" GeneratedFromPackageName="Lesson 3" GeneratedFromPackageID="{99396D72-2F8D-4A37-8362-96346AD53334}" GeneratedDate="11/12/2005 12:46:13 PM"/></DTSConfigurationHeading><Configuration ConfiguredType="Property" Path="\Package.Variables[User::varFolderName].Properties[Value]" ValueType="String"><ConfiguredValue>C:\New Sample Data</ConfiguredValue></Configuration></DTSConfiguration>

    The heading information, GeneratedBy, GeneratedFromPackageID, and GeneratedDate will be different in your file, of course. The element to note is the Configuration element. The Value property of the variable, User::varFolderName, now contains C:\New Sample Data.

  3. Save the change, and then close the text editor.

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14 April 2006

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  • Added contents of sample XML configuration file.

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