Lesson 7: Publishing the Updated Report

Use Preview to examine the report before publishing it to the report server. After you preview the report, you can make further modifications in the Layout view or publish it to a report server. Before you publish the report, you must switch to the Production configuration and set the location of the report server.

  • Click the Preview tab.
Report preview tab

  1. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the Tutorial project, and then click Properties.

    If the Solution Explorer window is not visible, in the View menu, click Solution Explorer.

  2. Click Configuration Manager.

  3. In the Configuration Manager dialog, in Active Solution Configuration, select Production.

  4. Click Close.

    The following figure shows the Configuration Manager dialog box. After you click close, you will be back in the project Property Pages dialog box.

    Configuration Manager dialog box
  5. In the Tutorial Property Pages dialog, in TargetServerURL, type the report server virtual directory; for example, http://servername/reportserver. (This is the virtual directory of the report server, not Report Manager.)

    If the report server is on the same computer as Report Designer, you can use localhost as the server name, for example, http://localhost/reportserver or http://localhost/reportserver$SQLEXPRESS. For more information about report server names, see Configuring Report Server Virtual Directories.

  6. Expand the Debug properties node if it is not already open to show the StartItem property. Click in the textbox next to StartItem and from the drop-down list, select the report SalesOrder.rdl.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Save the report project. On the File menu, click Save All.

  9. Publish the report. On the Debug menu, click Start Without Debugging.

  10. When publishing is complete, Report Designer opens Internet Explorer. Click Sales Orders to view the report.

This step concludes the tutorial, "Adding Grouping, Sorting, and Formatting to a Basic Report." To learn more reporting techniques, see Designing and Creating Reports.

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