Lesson 3: Adding a New Column

You can add a column to the table to display the name of the sales person.

  1. Click the table so that column and row handles appear above and next to the table.

  2. On the first column (Order Date), right-click on the handle and then click Insert Column to the Left.

  3. Click on the second cell in the new column and type the following expression. The second cell should be in the new group row that was added in previous steps.

    =Fields!FirstName.Value & " " & Fields!LastName.Value
  4. Click on the first cell in the first column and type Sales Person. This is the label for the column in the table header.

Add column to table data region

You have successfully inserted a new column that displays the name of the sales person. Next, you will add a sort order to list sales data by the order date. See Lesson 4: Sorting the Detail Data.

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