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Notification Services Reference

SQL Server 2005

Developing SQL Server Notification Services typically involves defining applications, configuring instances, and building custom subscription management interfaces. You might also build custom components for submitting events, formatting notifications, distributing notifications, and managing your instances of Notification Services. The following table provides links to the reference information related to these tasks.

Section Description

Application Definition File Reference

Contains reference topics for building an application using XML-based application definition files (ADFs).

Instance Configuration File Reference

Contains reference topics for configuring instances of Notification Services using XML-based instance configuration files (ICFs).

Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Nmo Class Library

Contains reference information for Notification Services Management Objects (NMO). You can use these objects to define applications and instances, and then to build, deploy, and administer those applications and instances.

Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices Class Library

Contains reference information on the core Notification Services API. You primarily use this API to build subscription management interfaces, custom event providers, custom content formatters, and custom delivery protocols.

Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices.Rules Class Library

Contains reference information on the API for developing conditions for Notification Services applications.

Notification Services Stored Procedures (Transact-SQL)

Contains reference topics for the Notification Services reporting and debugging stored procedures.

nscontrol Utility

Describes the command-prompt utility used to administer Notification Services.

Subscriber Locale Codes

Lists the subscriber locale codes for Notification Services.

Notification Services Tables

Contains information about Notification Services tables.

Notification Services Views

Contains information about Notification Services views, which you can use to view instance and application metadata and insert some event, subscriber, and subscription data.

Time Zone Codes

Lists the time zone codes for Notification Services.

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