Use Product Documentation for SQL Server
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Use Product Documentation for SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server production documentation covers the concepts, procedures, and language references like Transact-SQL and MDX required to use SQL Server. Developer reference documentation also includes reference material that documents programming interfaces for storing, retrieving, reporting, and modifying data by using SQL Server. Installation documentation provides information about installing SQL Server.

To download PowerShell scripts that do this configuration for you, download the configuration scripts from the Microsoft Download Center.

Note the following.

  • Product documentation does not ship on SQL Server installation media. To view product documentation for SQL Server, either configure Help Viewer to display online content from the MSDN Library, or select local Help and then download product documentation to a local computer.

  • The Microsoft Help Viewer, along with Help management tools, is installed when you select Documentation Components in SQL Server Setup. The final dialog in SQL Server Setup provides instructions about configuring the Help viewer, and the first time you launch SQL Server Documentation you will see a dialog that will assist you to configure the Help viewer.

  • If your computer is connected to the Internet, use Help Library Manager (via the Manage Help Settings menu option) to download SQL Server product documentation for this release of SQL Server. If your computer is not connected to the Internet because it is behind a firewall or proxy, you must download the product documentation from the Download Center, copy it to the computer running SQL Server, or download it to a network share, and then install the product documentation using Help Library Manager.

  • For more information about installing and enabling SQL Server product documentation, see Add or Remove Product Documentation for SQL Server.

The Microsoft Help Viewer, the viewer for SQL Server product documentation, lets you find content and check for documentation updates.

You can access SQL Server documentation as followings:

  • In Windows 7, from the Start menu: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to SQL Server 2014, point to Documentation & Community, and then click SQL Server Documentation.

    In Windows 8, locate SQL Server Documentation.

  • From SQL Server Management Studio: On the Help menu, click View Help.

  • From SQL ServerSQL Server Data Tools (SSDT): On the Help menu, click View Help.

  • From F1 or Help buttons in the user interface: For context-sensitive information, press F1 on your keyboard, or click Help in the user interface dialog box.

SQL Server and the Help Viewer include the following features to help you find information:

  • Navigating the table of contents.

  • Searching on words and phrases in local and online Help topics.

  • Pressing F1 while viewing a user interface element to display a topic about it.

  • Using the index.

  • Mark topics as favorites for easy retrieval.

In the Help Viewer, you can specify whether you want to view local content or online content. Use Help Library Manager to toggle between local and online settings.

  • Local. The Help Viewer will display downloaded content when you select Local in Help Library Manager.

  • Online. Online versions of topics in the MSDN Library will be displayed in your default web browser when you select Online in Help Library Manager. Note that if you specify online documentation, you must accept the "Online Use Consent" agreement.

To change the setting for online or local help, use the following steps:

  1. Launch the Manage Help Settings dialog. In Windows 7, click Start, All Programs, MicrosoftSQL Server 2014, Documentation and Community, and then Manage Help Settings.

  2. Click Choose Online or Local Help.

  3. Use the radio buttons to specify your preferred setting: Online or Local.

  4. Click OK. to close the dialog.

For information about Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1, see Microsoft Help System 1.1 Documentation.

SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Data Tools share Help Viewer settings, but they don’t share content sets. For example, content installed in the context of SQL Server Data Tools won’t be available from SQL Server Management Studio and vice versa unless the user goes through the steps to install content for each component.

This table contains information about features within Help topics.

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Provide Feedback
For more information about how to provide feedback on product documentation for SQL Server, see Providing Feedback for SQL Server 2014.

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Click Copy Code to copy a code sample to the clipboard on your computer.

The Help Viewer will not work if your computer is configured to run only IPv6. The Help Viewer is supported in IPV4 and IPV4 with IPV6 enabled environments.

In an IPV6-only environment, you will be presented with the following error message:

HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working.

To avoid this issue, enable IPv4, or use the following steps to add a registry entry and create an ACL to enable the Help Viewer for IPv6:

  1. Create a registry key with the name "IPv6" and a value of "1 (DWORD(32 bit))" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Help\v1.0.

  2. Set the security ACL’s for the port for IPv6, executing the following from an admin CMD window:

    netsh http add urlacl url=http://[::1]:47873/help/ sddl=D:(A;;GX;;;WD).

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