How to: Deploy a 64-bit Application Using ClickOnce
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How to: Deploy a 64-bit Application Using ClickOnce 

ClickOnce deployment supports the installation of applications on 64-bit platforms. The target platforms are x86 for 32-bit platforms, x64 for machines supporting the AMD64 and EM64T instruction sets, and Itanium for the 64-bit Itanium processor.

To deploy a 64-bit application with ClickOnce

  1. Right-click the project node of your Visual Basic or Visual C# project and choose Properties. (Or, with the project node active in the Solution Explorer, click Properties Window on the View menu.) The Project Designer appears.

  2. Click the Compile tab.

  3. Click the Advanced Compile Options... button. The Advanced Compiler Settings dialog box appears.

  4. In the Advanced Compiler Settings dialog box, in Target CPU, select the appropriate processor for your system: x86, x64, Itanium, or accept the default value of Any CPU.

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