This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating Code Snippets

IntelliSense Code Snippets are stored in XML files that adhere to the IntelliSense Code Snippets XML schema. This section contains topics that explain how to create and modify your own code snippets.

How to: Create a Basic Code Snippet

Describes how to create a simple code snippet.

How to: Create a New Snippet with Imports and References

Explains how to add Imports and References elements to Visual Basic code snippets.

How to: Create a New Snippet with Replacements

Explains how to add customizable literals and objects to code snippets.

How to: Create Code Snippets for XML Files

Explains how to create a code snippet for XML files.

How to: Assign a Shortcut Name to a Snippet

Explains how to assign a shortcut name to a snippet.

How to: Publish Code Snippets

Explains the process for packaging and deploying code snippets.

Code Snippet Functions

Describes how to use the functions specified in the Function Element (IntelliSense Code Snippets) element of a code snippet.