An error occurred while working with Visual Database Tools.

Visual Database Tools encountered an error while you were working with queries or tables. There are many possible reasons for this error, and many possible error messages. This topic discusses how to correct certain specific errors and all other miscellaneous errors.

This error occurs when you are editing rows of data and the column you are editing has duplicate information. For example, create and save a new table with one column named C1 with a data type of char(10). Then add duplicate data (such as the value "mydata") into several rows. You cannot edit the value "mydata" in any of those rows. You cannot edit the data because there are duplicate values in several rows, and Visual Database Tools lacks a unique key to determine which row to update.

  • If you want different data in each row, change the column attribute to either a unique constraint or a primary key.


  • If you want identical data in each row, insert the data once and avoid editing the data.

One of the database time-out options expired. This could be the commit time-out, SQL query time-out, or SQL login time-out. As a general rule, the default values should provide sufficient time for the operation to occur. If the problem continues, you should check with your database administrator.

  • Repeat the operation.


  • Identify which kind of time-out failure occurred and determine if there is a problem with the database for the intended operation.


  • Ask your database administrator to investigate the problem.


  • Consider changing the value of the time-out option that expired.

For other error messages, you can try any of the following remedial actions.

  • Review the error message for information about the error.

  • Try the operation again.

  • Restart Visual Studio and try again.

  • Restart your computer and try again.

  • Check the Microsoft Knowledge Base for any available new information on internal errors with the Visual Database Tools at this Microsoft Web site.

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