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Getting Ready to Debug ASP.NET Applications

This section describes how to set up Visual Studio to debug an ASP.NET application.

In This Section

ASP.NET Debugging: System Requirements

Describes the operating system requirements for debugging ASP.NET Web applications with Visual Studio.

How to: Run aspnet_wp.exe Under a User Account

Explains how to set up your machine so you can run aspnet_wp.exe under a user account.

How to: Debug Web Applications on a Remote Server

Lists prerequisites for debugging a Web application on a remote server.

How to: Enable Debugging for ASP.NET Applications

Discusses setting debug mode for an ASP.NET application. Information includes a description of Web.config files, suggestions for editing the file, sample code, and the behavior of hierarchical configuration files.

How to: Debug ASP.NET Exceptions

Explains the debugging steps needed when ASP.NET exceptions happen.

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Debugging ATL Server Web Applications

Describes how to debug ATL Server Web applications.

Debugging Web Applications: Errors and Troubleshooting

Explains how to troubleshoot common problems, and lists error messages.

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