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nscontrol unregister Command

nscontrol unregister Command

SQL Server 2005

Updated: 5 December 2005

Removes the instance from the registry, uninstalls the NS$<instance_name> Windows service, and removes the performance counters.

nscontrol unregister 
        –name instanceName


Suppresses the product and version statement that appears when you run an nscontrol command.


Displays the command syntax.

-name instanceName

Is the name of the instance to unregister.

The nscontrol unregister command must be run locally.

Stop the NS$<instance_name> Windows service before unregistering the instance. If the service is running, it is not deleted.

The account used to run nscontrol unregister must be a member of the local Administrators group, which allows nscontrol unregister to access the Notification Services binary files, to update the registry, and to remove a Windows service.

This example shows how to unregister an instance named StockInstance.

nscontrol unregister -name StockInstance

Release History

5 December 2005

New content:
  • Added information about the SQLServerNotificationServicesUser Windows group.

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