XML Samples

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

The XML samples demonstrate the use of XML in common business scenarios.

The topics in this section contain the text of the readme files for the XML samples. To view or work with these samples, make sure they have been installed.

The following table describes the XML samples.

Name Description

Readme_XmlManuInstructions Sample

Demonstrates how to access XML-based manufacturing directions from a Web service and display them.

Readme_XmlOnlineCatalog Sample

Demonstrates how to display product information for an online catalog.

Readme_XmlSurvey Sample

Collects information for a store survey and updates the SQL Server Adventure Works database with the results.

Samples are provided for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be used in a production environment and have not been tested in a production environment. Microsoft does not provide technical support for these samples. Sample applications and assemblies should not be connected to or used with your production SQL Server database or your report server without the permission of the system administrator.