This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Add a Filter in MDX Query Designer for Analysis Services (Report Designer)

  1. In Data view, in the metadata browser pane, locate the member by which you want to filter the query.

  2. Click the member and drag it to the filter pane.

    Alternatively, you can manually select values for the Dimension, Hierarchy, Operator, and Filter Expression columns in the filter pane.

  3. If you selected a member, the query designer automatically populates the Filter Expression column with the value or set for that member. If you selected a hierarchy, you can select a member or set of members in the Filter Expression column.

  1. In Data view, in the filter pane, select the row that contains the filter item you want to parameterize.

  2. In the Parameters column, select the check box.

    Selecting Parameters for a filter results in a valid values dataset being created. The valid values dataset is not created until you switch away from the Data view (for example, selecting Layout view).