How to: Associate a Data Region with a Dataset (Report Designer)

  1. In Layout view, right-click the data region and then click Properties.

  2. On the General tab, for Dataset name, select a dataset.

  1. In Layout view, click the data region to select it.

  2. In the Fields window, select a dataset from the list at the top of the window, and then drag a field to the data region.

    Note   When you use fields to set the dataset, the dataset for the data region is set based on the first field that you drag onto the data region. If a field that has been dragged to the data region is removed, the DataSetName property remains set to the dataset that the field belonged to. To change it, follow the steps for associating a data region with a dataset.

    Note   Not all Field properties can be used for all data sources. The Value and IsMissing properties are defined for all data sources. Other properties (such as BackgroundColor, FontFamily, and TextDecoration) are only supported for Analysis Services data sources if the data source provides the values. For more information, see Using Extended Field Properties for an Analysis Services Database.

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