Adding Links to a Report

You can add links that allow users to open Web pages or other reports, or jump to another location within the same report. Reporting Services supports three types of links:

  • Bookmark links - jump to other areas within the report.
  • Drillthrough Report links - jump to other reports.
  • Hyperlinks - jump to Web pages.

A bookmark link is a link that a user clicks to move to another area or page in a report. To create a bookmark, set a bookmark on the destination report item and add bookmark links on report items that users should click, such as a word or button, to jump to the bookmarked report item. You can set bookmarks on any report item, but you can add bookmark links only to text boxes and images.

You can add multiple bookmark links to the same bookmark.

To view instructions about creating bookmarks, see:

A drillthrough report is a report that a user opens by clicking a link within another report. Drillthrough reports commonly contain details about an item that is contained in an original summary report. For example, you might have a sales summary report with a list of orders and sales totals. When a user clicks an order number in the summary list, another report opens that contains details about the order.

A drillthrough report typically contains parameters that are passed to it by the summary report. In the sales summary report example, the drillthrough report contains a parameter that takes the order as a value. The summary report includes a drillthrough report link for each order number, which opens the target detail report when clicked and passes the order ID to it. To view instructions about customizing drillthrough reports based on parameter values, see Working with Parameters in Reporting Services and InScope Function (Reporting Services).

Any report that is stored on the report server can be a drillthrough report. You can add drillthrough links only to text boxes and images.

To view instructions about adding drillthrough links, see:

You can add a hyperlink to a report item so that a user can access a Web page by clicking the item. A hyperlink can be a static URL or an expression that evaluates to a URL. If you have a field in a database that contains URLs, the expression can contain that field, resulting in a dynamic list of hyperlinks in the report. You can add hyperlinks only to text boxes and images.

To view instructions about adding hyperlinks, see:

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