This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Add an Expression (Report Designer)

Updated: 5 December 2005

Expressions are used throughout a report definition in report item properties, in filters, in group definitions, in sorting definitions, in connection strings, in both query and report parameters. Expressions use a common syntax and common user interface elements that help you recognize when a property can be an expression. The Expression Editor provides Intellisense descriptions and syntax checking while you are editing the expression.

Expressions can use constants, global collections, built-in and external function references, and custom code and class instances. The Expression Editor provides context-sensitive information about expression elements. The kind of information that is available for an expression element varies depending on the report item or report object properties for which you are writing the expression.

For more information about the Expression Editor, see Edit Expression (Report Designer) and Creating Expressions in Reporting Services. For more information about expressions and reports, see Using Expressions in Reporting Services.

  1. In Layout view, click the text box to which you want to add an expression.

  2. Click the text box again, and then type the expression in the text box.

    Alternatively, in the Properties window (from the View menu, click Properties Window) or properties dialog box (right-click the text box, and select Properties from the context menu), you can type the expression in the Value property.