How to: Configure General Report Properties (Management Studio)

Updated: 17 July 2006

After you publish a report to a report server, you can set properties that determine when data processing occurs and who has permission to run the report.

You can set properties on a report and on items within a report. For information about setting properties on a report you are creating, see Applying Style Properties to Report Items and Report Properties (General Tab, Report Designer).

  1. Start Management Studio and connect to a report server.

  2. In Object Explorer, expand a report server node.

  3. Expand the Home folder, and navigate to the folder containing the report you want to configure.

  4. Right-click the report or linked report, and then click Properties. The General page of the Report Properties page is displayed.

  5. Click the page containing the properties you want to modify:

    1. Choose Execution to schedule data processing for the report, or to temporarily cache a frequently used report.
    2. Choose History to configure report history.
    3. Choose Permissions to override inherited security by specifying which groups and users have access to the report.
    4. Choose Linked Reports to create a new shortcut to the current report, with the ability to set different properties and permissions.
  6. Click OK.

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