Inheritance Object (Model Designer)

Defines how the entity inherits properties from another entity.

Name Cardinality Type Description

InheritsFrom EntityID



The ID of the entity from which this entity inherits attributes and roles. The InheritsFrom entity cannot inherit from this entity, directly or indirectly.




The database relationship that represents this inheritance. If bound to a column, no unique keys are required. The relationship must relate a unique key of the table or column to which this entity is bound to a unique key of the table or column to which the InheritsFrom entity is bound.

When an entity has direct ancestors and/or descendents (using entity inheritance), all fields and roles from all direct ancestors and descendents of the current entity are displayed in the Explorer pane and the fields list as if they belonged to the current entity. Items are displayed in the following order: from the inheritance root, all direct ancestors in order, the current entity, and then all direct descendents in an undefined order.

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