AltReportItem Element (RDL)

Contains the report item to render in cases where the custom report item is not supported by the server or the renderer.


Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



0-1: Optional element that can occur once or not at all.

Relationship Element

Parent element


Child element

Chart, Image, Line, List, Matrix, Rectangle, Subreport, Table, Textbox

AltReportItem is used if the custom report item is not supported by either the server, in cases where a custom report item control is installed which translates the custom report item into an image, or by the renderer, in cases where a custom renderer is designed to have native support for a particular type of custom report item.

If AltReportItem is not supplied and the parent CustomReportItem cannot be natively rendered, the AltReportItem will be rendered as an empty rectangle with no border.

Values for the Top, Left, Height, and Width elements for this child item are ignored. Top and Left are set to 0, and Height and Width are set to 100 percent of the containing item.

An AltReportItem cannot contain a CustomReportItem.

ReportItems elements that are contained within AltReportItem are available in the ReportItem global collection only if the custom report item type is not supported natively.

<CustomReportItem Name=”Text5”>
      <Top>2 in</Top>
      <Left>2 in</Left>
      <Height>1 in</Height>
      <Width>4 in</Width>
            <Value>{\b\i Pretty}{\b formatted text}</Value>
      <Textbox Name=”Textbox6”>
         <Value>Boring plain text</Value>

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