This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PaddingLeft Element (RDL)

Designates the amount of padding to the left of the item.


Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



0-1: Optional element that can occur once or not at all.

Relationship Element

Parent element


Child element


The PaddingLeft element contains an expression that evaluates to a string that contains a number (with a period character used as an optional decimal separator). The number must be followed by a designator for a CSS length unit such as cm, mm, in, pt, or pc. A space between the number and the designator is optional. For more information about size designators, see "CSS Length Units Reference" at The value of the PaddingLeft element must be between 0pt and 1000pt.

PaddingLeft applies only to text box, image, subtotal, title, and legend report items.