Custom Element (RDL)

Contains custom information to be passed to the rendering extension.

<Report> <!-- or Line, Rectangle, Textbox, Image, Subreport, List, Matrix, Table, Chart, Grouping -->
</Report> <!-- or /Line, /Rectangle, /Textbox, /Image, /Subreport, /List, /Matrix, /Table, /Chart, /Grouping -->

Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



0-1: Optional element that can occur once or not at all.

Relationship Element

Parent elements

Chart, Grouping, Image, Line, List, Matrix, Rectangle, Report, Subreport, Table, Textbox

Child element


The Custom element has no predefined child elements. However, you can insert any XML structure into this element. The rendering extensions included with SQL Server Reporting Services do not use the Custom element, though a custom rendering extension can use it. For information about developing custom rendering extensions, see Reporting Services Extensions.