This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BackgroundGradientEndColor Element (RDL)

Specifies the end color of the background gradient.


Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



0-1: Optional element that can occur once or not at all.

Relationship Element

Parent element


Child element


The BackgroundGradientEndColor element contains an expression that evaluates to either a color name or a hex HTML color string in the form #HHHHHH. If BackgroundGradientEndColor is omitted, the end color of the background gradient is transparent.

BackgroundGradientEndColor applies only to chart, plot area, and legend report items. BackgroundGradientEndColor does not apply to line, rectangle, text box, image, subreport, list, matrix, table, body, subtotal, title, and legend report items.

For more information about color values, see the "Color Table" topic at