Getting Started with a Delivery Extension Implementation

Before implementing a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS) delivery extension, you should define the following:

  • The specific classes you will use to accomplish your custom delivery.
  • The constructors, methods, properties, and events you will implement for your delivery.
  • The naming convention for your classes.
  • The namespace for your SSRS delivery extension.
  • The DLL that will contain your delivery extension.

Topic Description

Developer Requirements for Implementing a Delivery Extension

Describes the software, hardware, and background knowledge requirements for implementing your own SSRS delivery extension.

Preparing to Implement a Delivery Extension

Describes the interfaces and classes available when implementing an SSRS delivery extension, as well as issues to consider before implementation.

Creating a Delivery Extension Library

Describes assigning a namespace for your SSRS delivery extension and compiling your delivery extension into a library DLL.

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