IsEmpty (MDX)

Returns whether the evaluated expression is the empty cell value.




A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that typically returns the cell coordinates of a member or a tuple.

The IsEmpty function returns true if the evaluated expression is an empty cell value. Otherwise, this function returns false.

Note Note

The default property for a member is the value of the member.

The IsEmpty function is the only way to reliably test for an empty cell because the empty cell value has special meaning in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Important note Important

If the evaluation of the value expression returns an error, the function will return false. A value expression can return an error, for example, if a properties reference refers to an invalid or non-existent property.

For more information about empty cells, see the OLE DB documentation.


The following example returns TRUE if the Internet Sales Amount for the current member on the Fiscal hierarchy of the Date dimension returns an empty cell:


IsEmpty([Measures].[Internet Sales Amount])

SELECT {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount],MEASURES.ISEMPTYDEMO} ON 0,

[Date].[Fiscal].MEMBERS ON 1

FROM [Adventure Works]

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