This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SchemaName Element (ICF)

Specifies the database schema for all instance database objects.


Characteristic Description

Data type

string, between 1 and 128 characters in length.

Default value



Optional once per Database element. Required if using the DatabaseName element.


Cannot be added, deleted, or modified when updating the application.

Relationship Elements

Parent element

Database Element (ICF)

Child elements


In SQL Server 2005 Notification Services, you can specify the name of the instance database. This database can be a new or existing database. Because the instance database objects should be isolated from other instance or application database objects, you should specify a unique schema name if you specify a database name.

All instance database objects are created in the specified schema.

If you do not specify the database name and schema name, Notification Services creates a new database with the name instanceNameNSMain, where instanceName is the value of the InstanceName element, and creates all instance objects in the dbo schema.

For more information about database schemas, see User-Schema Separation.

The following example shows how define an NSInstance schema for all instance objects.