System Configuration Check (SQL Server Express)

The System Configuration Check (SCC) page of the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard shows progress of the system preparation tool. SCC routines scan the destination computer for conditions that can block Setup. For clusters, SCC runs on all nodes of the operating system cluster.

Click Stop at any time to cancel the SCC and exit the Installation Wizard.

Progress symbols are as follows:

  • Arrow symbol = Check in progress.
  • Check symbol = Check item successful.
  • × symbol = Check item failed.

After the SCC check is complete, the Report button becomes available. Next is available only if all check results are successful, or if failed checks are non-fatal. For failed check items, resolution to blocking issues is included with results in the SCC report.

The Report button at the bottom of the SCC page lets you view the report, save it as a file, copy it to the Clipboard, or send it as e-mail. Information presented in the report includes:

  • A list of configuration items that were checked on the destination computer: requirements for the current operating system, the operating system service pack level, SQL Server edition compatibility with the current operating system, and Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • The result of each item check.
  • The recommended remedy for failed configuration checks.

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