This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Full-Text Search Business Scenarios

With the growing popularity of storing and managing textual data in a database, demand has risen for full-text search capabilities in a wide variety of applications. Common uses of full-text search include Web-based applications (searching Web sites, product catalogs, news items, and other data), document management systems, and custom applications that need to provide text search capabilities over data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2005 can scale from small mobile or personal deployments with relatively few and simple queries, up to complex mission-critical applications with high query volume over large quantities of textual data. Full-Text Search provides integrated management capabilities and easy-to-use Transact-SQL query syntax; building applications that expose search capabilities is quick and easy.

Full-Text Search is also highly extensible. The full-text engine can support additional languages for indexing and querying by adding word breakers or stemmers from third-party vendors, as well as filtering of additional document formats. A set of well-known, published interfaces provide the framework for full-text engine extensibility.