Paused Microsoft Full-Text Engine for SQL Server (MSFTESQL) Service

The Microsoft Full-Text Engine for SQL Server (MSFTESQL) service is paused because it cannot consume the number full-text batches that Microsoft SQL Server has created.

If the CPU usage is 100 percent and the MSFTESQL service is the main reason for this, all you can do is wait for more resources to become available.

If CPU usage is not at 100 percent but the MSFTESQL service is still paused, you can try to do the following:

  • Move the full-text catalog to another disk using the ALTER DATABASE statement with the MODIFY FILE option. For more information, see ALTER DATABASE (Transact-SQL).
  • Reduce the memory used by SQL Server and other applications and services, but do keep in mind that this could potentially impact the performance of those applications and services.

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