Sends a row of data from program variables to SQL Server.

RETCODE bcp_sendrow (
    HDBC hdbc);


Is the bulk copy-enabled ODBC connection handle.


The bcp_sendrow function builds a row from program variables and sends it to SQL Server.

Before calling bcp_sendrow, you must make calls to bcp_bind to specify the program variables containing row data.

If bcp_bind is called specifying a long, variable-length data type, for example, an eDataType parameter of SQLTEXT and a nonNULL pData parameter, bcp_sendrow sends the entiredata value, just as it does for any other data type. If, however, bcp_bind has a NULL pData parameter, bcp_sendrow returns control to the application immediately after all columns with data specified are sent to SQL Server. The application can then call bcp_moretext repeatedly to send the long, variable-length data to SQL Server, a chunk at a time. For more information, see bcp_moretext.

When bcp_sendrow is used to bulk copy rows from program variables into SQL Server tables, rows are committed only when the user calls bcp_batch or bcp_done. The user can choose to call bcp_batch once every n rows or when there is a lull between periods of incoming data. If bcp_batch is never called, the rows are committed when bcp_done is called.

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