This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ISSAsynchStatus (OLE DB)

ISSAsynchStatus exposes support for SQL Server 2005 asynchronous operations. This is an optional interface that inherits from the core OLE DB interface IDBAsynchStatus. In addition to the Abort and GetStatus methods inherited from IDBAsynchStatus, ISSAsynchStatus provides one new method that is used to wait until an asynchronous operation has completed or a time-out occurs.

Method Description

ISSAsynchStatus::Abort (OLE DB)

Cancels an asynchronously executing operation.

ISSAsynchStatus::GetStatus (OLE DB)

Returns the status of an asynchronously executing operation.

ISSAsynchStatus::WaitForAsynchCompletion (OLE DB)

Waits until the asynchronously executing operation is complete or a time-out occurs.

The ISSAsynchStatus implementation of the ISSAsynchStatus::GetStatus method is the same as the IDBAsynchStatus::GetStatus method except that if the initialization of a data source object is aborted, E_UNEXPECTED is returned rather than DB_E_CANCELED (although ISSAsynchStatus::WaitForAsynchCompletion returns DB_E_CANCELED). This is because the data source object is not left in the usual state following an abort operation, so that further initialization operations may be attempted.

The following methods support the use of asynchronous execution in SQL Server 2005:

  • ICommand::Execute
  • IOpenRowset::OpenRowset
  • IMultipleResults::GetResult