Columns Element (ASSL)

Contains the collection of columns associated with the parent element.

<Action xsi:type="DrillThroughAction"> <!-- or one of the elements listed below in the Element Relationships table -->
      <Column xsi:type="MeasureBinding">...</Column> <!-- parent: DrillThroughAction -->
      <!-- or -->
      <Column xsi:type="CubeAttributeBinding">...</Column> <!-- parent: DrillThroughAction -->
      <!-- or -->
      <Column xsi:type="EventColumn">...</Column> <!-- parent: Event -->
      <!-- or -->
      <Column xsi:type="MiningModelColumn">...</Column> <!-- parent: MiningModel or MiningModelColumn -->
      <!-- or -->
      <Column xsi:type="MiningStructureColumn">...</Column> <!-- parent: MiningStructure or TableMiningStructureColumn -->

Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



Event 1-1: Required element that occurs once and only once.
All others 0-1: Optional element that can occur once and only once.
Ancestor or Parent Cardinality

For DrillThroughAction elements, the Columns collection identifies the columns that contain data to be returned when the action is performed.

For TableMiningStructureColumn elements, the Columns collection allows only one level of recursion. In other words, any TableMiningStructureColumn element included in this collection cannot contain any TableMiningStructureColumn elements in its Columns collection.

Some of the corresponding elements in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model are TraceColumnCollection, MiningModelColumnCollection, and MiningStructureColumnCollection.

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