Vector3 Properties

Public Property StaticBackwardReturns a unit Vector3 designating backward in a right-handed coordinate system (0, 0, 1).
Public Property StaticDownReturns a unit Vector3 designating down (0, −1, 0).
Public Property StaticForwardReturns a unit Vector3 designating forward in a right-handed coordinate system(0, 0, −1).
Public Property StaticLeftReturns a unit Vector3 designating left (−1, 0, 0).
Public Property StaticOneReturns a Vector3 with ones in all of its components.
Public Property StaticRightReturns a unit Vector3 pointing to the right (1, 0, 0).
Public Property StaticUnitXReturns the x unit Vector3 (1, 0, 0).
Public Property StaticUnitY Returns the y unit Vector3 (0, 1, 0).
Public Property StaticUnitZ Returns the z unit Vector3 (0, 0, 1).
Public Property StaticUpReturns a unit vector designating up (0, 1, 0).
Public Property StaticZeroReturns a Vector3 with all of its components set to zero.

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