Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Net Namespace

Contains classes that implement support for Xbox LIVE, multiplayer, and networking for XNA Framework games.

Public ClassAvailableNetworkSessionDescribes a multiplayer session that can be joined.
Public ClassAvailableNetworkSessionCollectionRepresents a collection of sessions available for joining.
Public ClassGameEndedEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a GameEnded event.
Public ClassGamerJoinedEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a GamerJoined event.
Public ClassGamerLeftEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a GamerLeft event.
Public ClassGameStartedEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a GameStarted event.
Public ClassHostChangedEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a HostChanged event.
Public ClassInviteAcceptedEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a InviteAccepted event.
Public ClassLocalNetworkGamerRepresents a local player in a network session.
Public ClassNetworkExceptionThrown if there is a network communication failure.
Public ClassNetworkGamer Represents a player in a network session.
Public ClassNetworkMachine Represents a physical machine (such as single Xbox 360 console or Windows-based computer) that is participating in a multiplayer session. It can be used to detect when more than one NetworkGamer is playing on the same actual machine.
Public ClassNetworkNotAvailableExceptionException thrown if no network is available.
Public ClassNetworkSessionRepresents a multiplayer game session.
Public ClassNetworkSessionEndedEventArgsRepresents the arguments passed to a SessionEnded event. These arguments are passed to event handlers when a session ends.
Public ClassNetworkSessionJoinExceptionThrown if an error was encountered while joining a session.
Public ClassNetworkSessionPropertiesDescribes custom, game-specific information about a NetworkSession object.
Public ClassPacketReaderProvides common functionality for efficiently reading incoming network packets.
Public ClassPacketWriterProvides common functionality for efficiently formatting outgoing network packets.
Public ClassQualityOfService Describes the quality of the network connection between this machine and the host of a multiplayer session that was discovered with a matchmaking query.

Public EnumerationNetworkSessionEndReasonDefines the reason a session ended.
Public EnumerationNetworkSessionJoinErrorContains additional data about a NetworkSessionJoinException.
Public EnumerationNetworkSessionStateDefines the different states of a multiplayer session.
Public EnumerationNetworkSessionTypeDefines the different types of a multiplayer session.
Public EnumerationSendDataOptionsDefines options for network packet transmission.


Games for Windows - LIVE is not available to finished games. This functionality is not included in the redistributable version of the XNA Framework, and a game that attempts to use these components without XNA Game Studio installed will result in a GamerServicesNotAvailableException.

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