PresentationParameters Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the PresentationParameters type.

Public MethodPresentationParametersInitializes a new instance of this class.

Public FieldDefaultPresentRateThe default presentation rate.

Public PropertyAutoDepthStencilFormatGets or sets a value specifying the format of the depth-stencil surface that the device will automatically create.
Public PropertyBackBufferCountGets or sets a value specifying how many back buffers to create.
Public PropertyBackBufferFormatGets or sets the format of the back buffer.
Public PropertyBackBufferHeightGets or sets a value indicating the height of the new swap chain's back buffer.
Public PropertyBackBufferWidthGets or sets a value indicating the width of the new swap chain's back buffer.
Public PropertyDeviceWindowHandleGets or sets the handle to the device window.
Public PropertyEnableAutoDepthStencilGets or sets a value indicating whether Direct3D will manage depth buffers for the application.
Public PropertyFullScreenRefreshRateInHzGets or sets a value indicating the rate at which the display adapter will refresh the screen.
Public PropertyIsFullScreenGets or sets a value indicating whether the application is in full screen mode.
Public PropertyMultiSampleQualityGets or sets a value indicating the multisample quality level.
Public PropertyMultiSampleTypeGets or sets the multisample type.
Public PropertyPresentationIntervalGets or sets the maximum rate at which the swap chain's back buffers can be presented to the front buffer.
Public PropertyPresentOptionsGets or sets miscellaneous presentation flags.
Public PropertyRenderTargetUsageGets or sets render target usage flags.
Public PropertySwapEffectGets or sets the swap effect.

Public MethodClearResets all of the PresentationParameters values.
Public MethodCloneCreates a copy of this PresentationParameters object.
Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Immediately releases the unmanaged resources used by this object.
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