ModelMesh Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the ModelMesh type.

Public PropertyBoundingSphereGets the BoundingSphere that contains this mesh.
Public PropertyEffectsGets a collection of effects associated with this mesh.
Public PropertyIndexBufferGets the index buffer for this mesh.
Public PropertyMeshPartsGets the ModelMeshPart objects that make up this mesh. Each part of a mesh is composed of a set of primitives that share the same material.
Public PropertyNameGets the name of this mesh.
Public PropertyParentBoneGets the parent bone for this mesh. The parent bone of a mesh contains a transformation matrix that describes how the mesh is located relative to any parent meshes in a model.
Public PropertyTagGets or sets an object identifying this mesh.
Public PropertyVertexBufferGets the vertex buffer used to render this mesh.

Public MethodDrawOverloaded. Draws all the ModelMeshPart objects in this mesh, using their current Effect settings.
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