GraphicsAdapter Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the GraphicsAdapter type.

Public Property StaticAdaptersCollection of available adapters on the system.
Public PropertyCurrentDisplayModeGets the current display mode.
Public Property StaticDefaultAdapterGets the default adapter.
Public PropertyDescriptionRetrieves a string used for presentation to the user.
Public PropertyDeviceId Retrieves a value that is used to help identify a particular chip set.
Public PropertyDeviceIdentifierRetrieves a globally unique identifier (GUID) object that can be used to check changes in the driver and chip set.
Public PropertyDeviceNameRetrieves a string that contains the device name for a Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI).
Public PropertyDriverDllRetrieves a string that is used to present the driver name to the user.
Public PropertyDriverVersionRetrieves a value that identifies the version of the Microsoft Direct3D driver.
Public PropertyIsDefaultAdapterDetermines if this instance of GraphicsAdapter is the default adapter.
Public PropertyMonitorHandleRetrieves the handle of the monitor associated with the Microsoft Direct3D object.
Public PropertyRevisionRetrieves a value used to help identify the revision level of a particular chip set.
Public PropertySubSystemIdRetrieves a value used to identify the subsystem.
Public PropertySupportedDisplayModesReturns a collection of supported display modes for the current adapter.
Public PropertyVendorIdRetrieves a value used to identify the manufacturer.

Public MethodCheckDepthStencilMatchTests whether a depth stencil format is compatible with a render target format in a particular display mode.
Public MethodCheckDeviceFormatOverloaded. Determines whether a surface or depth buffer format is available as a specified resource type and can be used as a texture, depth-stencil buffer, render target, or any combination of the three, on a device representing the current adapter.
Public MethodCheckDeviceFormatConversionTests a device to determine whether it supports conversion from one display format to another.
Public MethodCheckDeviceMultiSampleTypeOverloaded. Verifies whether a multisample technique is available on a specified device.
Public MethodCheckDeviceTypeDetermines whether a hardware-accelerated device type can be used on the current adapter.
Public MethodDispose Releases all resources used by the GraphicsAdapter class.
Public MethodEqualsOverloaded. Determines whether two instances of GraphicsAdapter are equal.
Public MethodGetCapabilitiesReturns the capabilities of a device.
Public MethodGetHashCodeGets the hash code for this instance.
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Public MethodIsDeviceTypeAvailableDetermines whether a requested device type is available.
Public Method Staticop_EqualityCompares two objects to determine whether they are the same.
Public Method Staticop_InequalityCompares two objects to determine whether they are different.
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