Effect Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the Effect type.

Public MethodEffectOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of this class.

Public PropertyCreatorGets the name of the effect creator.
Public PropertyCurrentTechniqueGets or sets the active technique.
Public PropertyEffectPoolGets an EffectPool representing the pool of shared parameters.
Public PropertyFunctionsGets a collection of functions that can render the effect.
Public PropertyGraphicsDeviceGets the graphics device that created the effect.
Public PropertyIsDisposedGets a value that indicates whether the object is disposed.
Public PropertyParametersGets a collection of parameters used for this effect.
Public PropertyTechniquesGets a collection of techniques that are defined for this effect.

Public MethodBeginOverloaded. Begins application of the active technique.
Public MethodCloneCreates a clone of an effect.
Public MethodCommitChangesPropagates the state change that occurs inside of an active pass to the device before rendering.
Public Method StaticCompileEffectFromFileOverloaded. Compiles an effect from a file or stream containing the effect source code.
Public Method StaticCompileEffectFromSourceCompiles an effect from a string containing the effect source code.
Public MethodDisassembleOverloaded. Disassembles an effect.
Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Immediately releases the unmanaged resources used by this object.
Public MethodEndEnds the application of the current technique.
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Public MethodToStringRetrieves a string representation of this object.

Protected MethodFinalize Allows this object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before garbage collection reclaims the object.
Protected MethodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected Methodraise_DisposingRaises the Disposing event when called from within a derived class.
Protected Methodraise_LostRaises an Lost event when called from within a derived class.
Protected Methodraise_ResetRaises an Reset event when called from within a derived class.

Public EventDisposing Occurs when Dispose is called or when this object is finalized and collected by the garbage collector of the Microsoft .NET common language runtime (CLR).
Public EventLostOccurs when an object is lost, normally just before a device is reset.
Public EventResetOccurs after the device is reset.

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