CompiledShader Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the CompiledShader type.

Public MethodCompiledShader Initializes a new instance of the CompiledShader class.

Public PropertyErrorsAndWarningsGets the first compile error message that occurred.
Public PropertyShaderSizeGets the size of the shader byte code, in bytes.
Public PropertyShaderVersionGets the shader version of the compiled shader.
Public PropertySuccessReturns a value indicating whether the shader compilation was successful.

Public MethodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public MethodGetInputSemanticsGets the semantics for the shader inputs. Use this method to determine the input vertex format.
Public MethodGetOutputSemanticsGets the semantics for all shader output elements.
Public MethodGetSamplersGets the sampler names referenced in a shader.
Public MethodGetShaderCodeGets the compiled shader code.
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Public MethodToString Returns a String that represents the current CompiledShader.

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