GamerPresenceMode Enumeration

Settings defining the status string that will appear when you view a friend through the Xbox LIVE Guide or on This option is set using the PresenceMode property.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework (in microsoft.xna.framework.dll)

public enum GamerPresenceMode

 Member nameDescription
ArcadeModeArcade Mode
AtMenuAt Menu
BattlingBossBattling Boss
CampaignModeCampaign Mode
ChallengeModeChallenge Mode
ConfiguringSettingsConfiguring Settings
CoOpLevelCo-Op: Level. Includes a numeric value specified with PresenceValue.
CoOpStageCo-Op: Stage. Includes a numeric value specified with PresenceValue.
CornflowerBlueCornflower Blue
CustomizingPlayerCustomizing Player
DifficultyEasyDifficulty: Easy
DifficultyExtremeDifficulty: Extreme
DifficultyHardDifficulty: Hard
DifficultyMediumDifficulty: Medium
EditingLevelEditing Level
ExplorationModeExploration Mode
FoundSecretFound Secret
FreePlayFree Play
GameOverGame Over
InCombatIn Combat
InGameStoreIn Game Store
LevelLevel. Includes a numeric value specified with PresenceValue.
LocalCoOpLocal Co-Op
LocalVersusLocal Versus
LookingForGamesLooking For Games
NearlyFinishedNearly Finished
NoneNo Presence String Displayed
OnARollOn a Roll
OnlineCoOpOnline Co-Op
OnlineVersusOnline Versus
PlayingMinigamePlaying Minigame
PlayingWithFriendsPlaying With Friends
PracticeModePractice Mode
PuzzleModePuzzle Mode
ScenarioModeScenario Mode
ScoreScore. Includes a numeric value specified with PresenceValue.
ScoreIsTiedScore is Tied
SettingUpMatchSetting Up Match
SinglePlayerSingle Player
StageStage. Includes a numeric value specified with PresenceValue.
StartingGameStarting Game
StoryModeStory Mode
StuckOnAHardBitStuck on a Hard Bit
SurvivalModeSurvival Mode
TimeAttackTime Attack
TryingForRecordTrying For Record
TutorialModeTutorial Mode
VersusComputerVersus Computer
VersusScoreVersus: Score. Includes a numeric value specified with PresenceValue.
WaitingForPlayersWaiting For Players
WaitingInLobbyWaiting In Lobby
WastingTimeWasting Time
WatchingCreditsWatching Credits
WatchingCutsceneWatching Cutscene
WonTheGameWon the Game

Dd254742.note(en-US,XNAGameStudio.30).gifZune Specific Information
Setting presence information is not supported on the Zune platform. On the Zune platform, setting presence information for a signed-in gamer will not change the presence information on Xbox LIVE.

The following GamerPresenceMode settings, specified in PresenceMode, may include a numeric value as specified by PresenceValue:

Xbox 360, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Zune

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