Curve Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the Curve type.

Public MethodCurveInitializes a new instance of Curve.

Public PropertyIsConstantGets a value indicating whether the curve is constant.
Public PropertyKeysThe points that make up the curve.
Public PropertyPostLoopSpecifies how to handle weighting values that are greater than the last control point in the curve.
Public PropertyPreLoopSpecifies how to handle weighting values that are less than the first control point in the curve.

Public MethodCloneCreates a copy of the Curve.
Public MethodComputeTangentOverloaded. Computes the tangents for a specified CurveKey in this Curve.
Public MethodComputeTangentsOverloaded. Computes all tangents for all CurveKeys in the Curve.
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Public MethodEvaluateFinds the value at a position on the Curve.
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