This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ReportExecutionService.GetRenderResource Method

Returns the resource for a specified rendering extension format.

Namespace: Microsoft.WSSUX.ReportingServicesWebService.RSExecutionService2005
Assembly: ReportExecution2005 (in reportexecutionservice.dll)

[SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("", RequestNamespace="", ResponseNamespace="", Use=SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle=SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)] 
[SoapHeaderAttribute("ServerInfoHeaderValue", Direction=SoapHeaderDirection.Out)] 
public byte[] GetRenderResource (
	string Format,
	string DeviceInfo,
	out string MimeType
/** @attribute SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("", RequestNamespace="", ResponseNamespace="", Use=SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle=SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped) */ 
/** @attribute SoapHeaderAttribute("ServerInfoHeaderValue", Direction=SoapHeaderDirection.Out) */ 
public byte[] GetRenderResource (
	String Format, 
	String DeviceInfo, 
	/** @attribute OutAttribute() */ /** @ref */ String MimeType
JScript does not support passing value-type arguments by reference.



The format of the rendering extension for which to retrieve the resource. A list of supported extensions may be obtained by calling the ListRenderingExtensions method.


The device-specific settings used by the rendering extension.


The MIME type of the resource.

Return Value

The rendering extension resource as a Base 64-encoded byte array.

The DeviceInfo argument passed to this method much be the same as that specified in the call to the Render method.

An example of a rendering resource that is returned by the GetRenderResource method is the plus (+) image, which is used to expand groups in the HTML rendering extension. The resource that the method returns depends on the DeviceInfo parameter that is supplied. For more information about device information settings for rendering extensions, see Reporting Services Device Information Settings.

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